vol.10『 Millefleurs 』

Vol.10 "Millefleurs"


● Millefleurs(Milfleur,Scenic pattern

What is Milfleur?It refers to a background style of many different small flowers and plants, which usually looks like grass grows in the green area.

Early Renaissance from the late Middle Ages,1400From the year1550It is limited to European tapestry to the age, but mainly1480From the year1520Until around the age, this style is this style.

19Century BritishMorris & CoRevived by the original picture of tapestryKELMSCOTT PRESS PUBLICATIONSIt is characterized by (publisher) illustrations.

Milfulur, unlike many other flower decorations such as Arabesque, is drawn with various kinds of plants, and there is no regular pattern. The fields are filled with plants without connecting or overlapping. In that respect, it is also different from the decoration of the flowers found in Gothic -style colored blossoms. At that time, Verdur in French (Verdures) It was called.

Milfurul style15From the end of the century16It is the most popular in France and French tapestry at the beginning of the century, and works such as "Ladies and Unicorn" and "Unicorn Hunting" are famous. These works are from the era called "classical", and are designed with plants called "bouquets" one by one, and the weave was made in improvisation during work.


* Morris & Co

It is a manufacturer and sales company of furniture and decorations established with a friend of Raphael by artist and designer William Morris. At Moris Shokai (1875-1940), the successor to Marshall Forkner (1861-1875), it respects aesthetics, handicrafts and traditional textile art reminiscent of the medieval, and has a major impact on churches and houses in the early 20th century. I gave it.


William Morris is a private printing workshop, established in 1891 in Hamas Miss in London in 1891 to send "ideal books" to the world.


The Lady and the Unicorn / Ladies and unicorns]

The famous Tapestre series "Lady and Unicorn" depicted a lady and a unicorn.6It refers to the series of tapestry.

This tapestry15It is thought to have been produced in the latter half of the century and is considered a masterpiece of medieval European art. Mill Fleur -style woven wool and silk in Flanders based on the design drawn in Paris6This is the modern title of the tapestry.


 The Hunt of the Unicorn / Unicorn hunting]

Unicorn often appears in Milfurul Tapestry as part of decorative motifs."Unicorn tapestry "Sometimes called. These tapestry was very prized during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and wealthy patrons were often asked as a symbol of their status and hobbies.7"Unicorn hunting" consisting of tapestry of the sheet is one of the masterpieces of medieval tapestry art, and has been praised for its complex design and rich symbolism.


● Origination of unicorn myth

Unicorn is a mythical creature, typically a horse -like animal, protruding from the forehead.1The spiral angle of the book is drawn.

Going back to ancient Greece Roman mythology, it was depicted as a ferocious animal that could not be kept if it was a virgin. Unicorns have become widely known in medieval European folk tales and literature, and are often drawn as symbols of purity and chastity.


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