Vol.12 [Eternal Wardrobe 618 and 314] Kinji TERAMOTO

Lot 618

Certainly2006I think it was early summer of the year.

yesAnatomicaThe story when there was no idea of ​​the Tokyo store, strange talentPierreIn the eyesKinjiThe jeans I wore were noticeable.

LocationAnatomicaParisInside the store, he shouted! Make original jeans! The part number is618is!

Why in the first place618What is it?

Pierre"If you get lost, learn about ancient Greece"

It was a French remark.

yesLot 618Is the golden ratio used for the first time in ancient Greece (Golden Ratio) Derived from). The aspect ratio is 1:1.618You already know?

And numeric618The subsequent small number of development lasts forever.

Kinji created a very special pattern, made a special dough, sewed a special curve, and many prototypes.

From the idea1Spend more than 5 monthsAnatomicaBrand's first jeans Lot 618Is completed.

Of course made in Japan,2007It is the fall of the year. andLot618Is an eternal wardrobe with a silhouette that shines like a golden gold.

It was the Early Summer of 2006, When The IDEA for Anatomica TOKYO HAD NOT EVEN BEENCEIVED d Pierre. It was Happening in Anatomica Paris, and He Exclaimed, "Let's Make" OUR OWN ORIGINAL JEANS! THE PRODUCT NUMBER IS 618!“Why Is The Product Number“ 618 ”in the first place?

PIERRE SAID, [We French Says, When in Double, Learn from Ancient Greece]. The Lot 618 is the Golden Ratio First Used in Ancient Green RATIO OF LENGTH TO WIDTH IS 1: 1.618、、、、. You Know What I Mean. And the Minority Development After the Number 618 Continues Forever.

Kinji Created A Special Pattern, Made A Special Fabric, Had A Special Carve Sewn, and Made Many Prototypes. He Compression of Lot 618, The First Anatomica Original Jeans. Of Course, It Was Made in Japan. It was the fall of 2007. Lot 618 BECAME an Eternal Wardrobe with a Beautiful Silhouette That ShineS Like Gold. 



Lot 314

It was around the early winter of 2021.

The world is in the middle of pandemicKinjiteethLot314Was devised and started.

The fabric value soaring, wages soaring, all were contrary to this time when all were delayed.Lot618I came up with a cheaper jeans.

I want to deliver the purpose to more people.

Why in the first place314What is it?

Golden ratio11.618(Φ = Fai) is also a pi3.14(Π = pie) is also represented in Greek. You already know? Yes, the percentage of the yen by playing numbers3.14ofLotNumber.

And the pi -pi as well as the golden ratio314The subsequent small number of development lasts forever.

LOT 618 made the sewn crying, and the fabric shop also made it cry.

vice versaLot 314Was easy for the sewing person and twisted his head to make it easier for fabric shops.

Cospa jeans, which are easy to do in the trial and error, have been completed.2023It is the early summer of the year.

For the back patch of the synthetic leatherAnatomicaUnderneath is the crown illuminating the familiar wooden shoes, and below it is Latin.Lux Populi"it is written like this.

This wording isPierreI got it. The meaning is to be an eternal wardrobe that illuminates people.

It's Was Early Winter of 2021.

THE WORLD WAS IN THE MIDST OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Kinji Conceived and Will Be Launched Lot314.

He CAME UP with the IDEA OF MAKING JEAPER THAN LOT618 . Purpose is to deliver Them to more people.

WHY “314” in the first place?π = pi) ARE Expressed in Greek. You Already Know the Answer, IT is Playing with Numbers, IIUSED 3.14 FOR PI AS a E Golden Ratio, Pi Also Continues Forever with the Minority Expansion After 314. Lot 618 Was Annoyance to Sewers and Fabric Makers. On the Contrary The Trial-Error Process Wass WorthWhile, and the Worth Buying Jeans Hass BeeN Compreted . Was Early Summer of 2023.

THE SYNTHETIC LEATHER BACK PATCH READ ANATOMICA Ding from Pierre. The Meaning is to be by an eater Wardrobe That “Illuminates People”.

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* 618 Original / Indigo 

618 Californian / Olive 

618 Marilyn / Indigo 

618 Marilyn / Indigo 

* 314 Tapered / Double Indigo 

314 Jayne/ Black/ Black 

* 314 JayneⅡ / White 

* 314 JayneⅢ / Indigo Non Wash 

11618 b drill / stone 

11618 Z PIQUE / STONE 

* 11618 Z PIQUE / NAVY 

11618 Z PIQUE / BLACK 


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