vol.4『 6-125B  DENIM WORKING COAT 』

Vol.4 "6-125B Denim Working Coat"



6-125B Denim Working CoatTag. ⇑ (owned by Teramoto)

● CONT.W-669-QM-12884

The contract had a unique contract number (contract number).

The contract number is composed of four parts.


Contract with the Ministry of Army.


Depot specified code.


1943Until the year669 1943Year7Month1From day36-030


2 characters or3The character code identifies the Army branch that demands the material.

QM ...Quartermaster Corps

He is in charge of most uniforms, equipment and tools of the Army. From soap to the flag, it includes general use items that are not specialized in the areas of the Army.


Line order number from 4 to 5 digits.



Contract date 1941Year8Month8Day


Stock No. 55-C-72040

Stock numbers are allocated to all materials transported by the Army supply system.

QMCThe stock number was separated by dash3It consists of a clear part.


"Class"Mear to what type of number and order material are.

55・ ・ ・ Treatment clothing, knit products

56・・・Food Food / water

57... Hospital, laboratory, surgical equipment. And all accessories. Costumes, parts, consumables. 



It is the first character of the name of the item.

C ... Coat

H ... HAT

T ... Trousers



72040Is a number or a series of numbers used to identify the specific size and type of the object.


● Spec No. 6-125B


Class number







Cotton product class "6」of125Number specifications6-125Minor change version of125BBe


Specification date



Philla Q.M.Depot

1930Age,QMCWas a huge industrial company. Quarter Master Depot () throughout the country (QMD) Was supplied with shoes, uniforms, and equipment to the local army bureau and garrison in each area. Some of these depots had not only a delivery warehouse, but also had design studios, contracts and procurement offices, and vast workshops.

 QMCUnited States Army Quartermaster Corps/ U.S. Army Democratic Department) 

QMDQuartermaster Depot / Demand Supply


● [3 major depot]

 ・ In Philadelphia, specialize in design, manufacturing and procurement of clothing and textile products.

・ In Boston, specialize in shoes and footwear.

(New England was the historic center of the US shoe industry).

・ In Jefferson Building, Indiana, we specialize in web gear, such as web belts, leather belts, canvas water bottles, and canvas packs.


 ・ Conro mfg.co

Some army equipment was manufactured in -house. More than that, uniforms manufactured by contracts with private companies.

6-125B contract

・ 9431 ・ ・ ・ H Lang Company

・ 9436 ・ ・ ・ Perfect Maid Dress Inc

・ 9443 ・ ・ ・ TANEN SHIRT Co Inc

・ 10884 ・ ・ ・ CONRO MFG Co

・ 10236 ・ ・ ・ Blue Ridge Overalls Co

・ 16547 ・ ・ ・ Blue Bell Globe MFG Co

 ★products are,HereYou can see it from.

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