vol.6『 Ellis Island 希望の島 』

Vol.6 "Ellis Island Hope Island"

● Ellis Island

 "Island of Hope" (Island of Hope) Or "Moral Island" (Island of Tears), Approximately1,200From everyone1,700Immigrants who climb to everyone have passed Ellis Island and Americans5In person2It is said that people have immigrants passing through Ellis Island.

This time, I would like to introduce photos of people from all over the world at that time, and introduce the flow to the opening of Ellis Island, the first immigration bureau, which opened in New York Port in 1892.


≪Russian Cossacks≫


In the late 1800s, people from all over the world left their hometown and decided to move to the United States.

Many people traveled to the United States due to poor crops, land and work shortage, rising taxes, famine, etc., and recognized as economic opportunities. In addition, in search of the liberation of individual freedom and political and religious persecution,1870From the year1900Approximately the year1,200Main immigrants have arrived in the United States.

In the early 1600s, the immigrants from Europe were scattered on the east coast, such as Spanish in Florida, New England and Virginia, New York Dutch, and Sweden in Delaware. Some, such as Pilgrim and the Kiyoshi religion, demanded freedom of religion, and some have sought a greater economic opportunity. Some people have come to the United States against their own will, such as Africans who have become hundreds of thousands of slaves.


≪Slovak Girls≫


● Wave of Ireland immigrants

Ricevs.After the British War, immigrants from Western Europe have increased rapidly, causing the US population. This first immigrant big wave continues to the Civil War.

From 18201860During the year, Irish people (many of them are Catholics) are all immigrants to the United States.3Share1It is estimated to have occupied. About500Many German immigrants travel to the United States, many of which they will buy farms in the Midwest, and settle in cities such as Milwaukee, St. Louis and Cincinnati.


≪Romanian shepherd ≫


● American Industrial Revolution

From around 1880, the second immigration boom begins when the United States reaches rapid industrialization and urbanization.

From this time1920By the year2,000More than all immigrants come. Most of them are immigrants from Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, and Central Europe400Everybody, Jewish200It contains everyone. Many of them settle in major cities in the United States and work in factories.

Since the 1850s, Chinese workers have been steadily moving to the United States. They worked in gold and clothing factories, laying railways, and engaging in agriculture. As the Chinese workers succeeded in the United States, anti -China emotions increased. Immigrants from China are American population0.002Only %, but white workers accused them for low wages.


≪ Laplander ≫


● Ellis is opened

18921On the moon, the first American immigration bureau "Ellis Island" opened in New York Port. The first immigration procedure came from Cork County, Ireland10Annie Moore of the generation.1892From the year1954By the year1,200More than all immigrants will enter the United States via Ellis Island.

 Around 1907, US immigrants reached the peak and only via Ellis Island.130Everybody enters the country.


≪Ruthenian Woman≫
≪Romanian Piper≫
≪Bavarian PEASANT ≫
Photo," Ellis Island Portraits of Immigrants "Than.
● Photo book / Ellis Island Portraits of Immigrants

It has been selected from William Williams, which is located in the manuscript and archive category of the Humanities and Social Science Library of New York Public Library.

● Williams (1862-1947

1902~1905Until the year1909~1913Until the year, he served as the director of the Immigration Bureau of Ellis Island. I asked Ellis Island registrar and amateur photographer Augustus Francis Shaman to take photos of various individuals and groups. At least the photo work of Sherman15It is more than a year.


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