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1Ply Shetland Sweater / Crew

1Ply Shetland Sweater / Crew

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【Product introduction】

・ We use wool of the Shetland Islands in the northeastern part of Scotland.

・ 1Ply is knitted using a “one twist” thread. It makes use of the characteristics of Shetland wool, thin and warm.

・ It is woven without seams on the armpits and shoulders, and it is easy to recommend for those who are not good at layering, wearing a thick sweater, a jacket, coat, and a jacket, coat.

・ Because it is a “dyed -dyed” yarn that makes use of each sheep color without dyeing wool, it is a natural and beautiful texture, not a single color.

* It is a product with individual differences. It may be about 1cm from the size chart. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

【Country of origin】
Made in Scotland


* If you have any questions such as size, please contact the inquiry form or store.
Anatomica Kobe store ☎ 078-391-4696 ✉

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