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Albert Thurston Braces

Albert Thurston Braces

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【Product introduction】

-Albart Sston was founded in 1820 and is now one of the world's high -quality BRACES manufacturers.

・ All this blesses are multi -fit and can be adjusted with the lever.

・ Multi -fit blesses can be adjusted to a comfortable length.

・ BoxCloth (Felt) and Plain (Web) type.
(Each back style is different from the X type and Y type. Please check the image.)

・ A button is attached as attached.


M size/40 inch (100cm)

* It is developed only in M ​​size.
* The blesses is measured from the waistband to the point behind the pants.


● BOX Cloth/Leather
● Plain /leather

* Box scross was also called "Buckskin" and was the ultimate fabric in the 19th century.
Since then, it has been used to tighten the fabric and make the ultimate classic bracisis by reducing it to half the original width of the Yorkshire.

【Country of origin】
Made in the UK

* If you have any questions such as size, please contact the inquiry form or store.
Anatomica Kobe store ☎ 078-391-4696 ✉

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