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・ In Anatomica, towels that are being deployed every year are available.

・ Normally, the edges of the towel are kept cut, but both ends are processed so that they can be used as an accent on the neck like a scarf.

・ Please note that colors may be transferred by sweat or friction at the beginning. When washing, wash your hands with plenty of water.

100 % cotton

【Country of origin】
made in Japan

① Sanpo 37 × 98cm
② Chidori lattice 37cm x 98cm
③ Benkei lattice 37cm x 98cm
④ Scales 37cm x 98cm
⑤ 33cm × 98cm
⑥ Plum bowl 37cm x 98cm
⑦ Hemp leaves (black) 37cm x 98cm
⑧ Changing net 33cm x 95cm
⑨ Kikuishi 33cm x 96cm
⑩ Umbrella 37cm x 98cm
⑪ Botan (blue) 33cm x 97cm
⑫ Frequent hemp leaves 33cm x 95cm
⑬ Both son stripes 37cm x 96cm
⑭ Kin -dori stripes 37cm x 96cm
⑮ Itoya lattice 37cm x 90cm
⑯ Lemon 37cm x 98cm
⑰ Cat and rat 37cm x 98cm
⑱ Kikitsu 37cm x 98cm
⑲ Rabbit and Shi no Nibi 37cm x 98cm
⑳ As it is, the ground cats 53 cm × 90cm
㉑ ~ ㉕ ㉕ Color plain 37cm x 98cm
㉖ Organic cotton 35cm x 90cm

* If you have any questions such as size, please contact the inquiry form or store.

Anatomica Online Store (Kanda store)
☎ 070-1369-8583 

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