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Yankshire / M1945 Trousers

Yankshire / M1945 Trousers

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・ This is a release from Bigyank's outer pants line [YANKSHIRE]

・ Use original fabric that faithfully reproduces the objects at the time.

・ In 1945 U.S. military Fatigo pants based

・ Button fly

・ The waist can be adjusted on the tab

・ The silhouette can be adjusted on the hem tab

・ The hem is 4㎝ tataki stitch

・ Delivery without washing

・ After washing in the washing machine, it will be naturally dried and reduced as long as 1㎝ and 1 mm long.

* Suspender is not included.

* If you have any questions such as size, please contact the inquiry form or store.

Anatomica Kobe store ☎ 078-391-4696 ✉




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