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Mountain Parka for Anatomica

Mountain Parka for Anatomica

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 In 1974, the waterproofing material, which was the highest high -tech material at the time, quickly adopted a one -piece leather yoke -specification mountain parka, "Rocky Mountain Fetherbed," A more Anatomica bespoke model.

RMFB's mountain parka, which had an important impact on the history of American outdoors, used Gore-Tex®, a high-tech material at that time in 1974, to complete a leather mountain parka.

The fabric used is Gore -Tex, a US military dead stock.
The classic length that does not come out even if you put on the jacket and put on it does not disturb the coordination.
The high collar, which is a windbreak, and the food specializing in heat retention, can be stored and combine design and functionality.

York is a luxurious single leather that is familiar with the Rocky Mountain Feather Bed.
Adopts a tannin that can express a natural texture and a chromium combination that is durable.

The chest pocket with a zipper placed on the naname is easy to put in and out when wearing it,The pocket with a flap is double and can be handed over if you put your hand from the side.

The large zipper pocket on the back is a familiar map pocket in Mountain Parka.
The pocket is faithfully reproduced by the companion walking behind the map.
Since the inner pocket has a zipper, there is no problem with the management of valuables.Food, waist and hem are specifications that can be adjusted with code.

The casual and light impression mountain parka also creates a luxury at a stretch thanks to the leather york.
Even if you enjoy it casually with denim pants, or match your suits.
It is a mountain parka for high -quality adults who have such a classical attitude and have a solid functionality.

◆ About product specifications and individual differences
Our products are carefully sewn in Japan.
・ Due to the characteristics of natural leather, there may be color unevenness and scratches in the leather parts and mouton parts. This is a natural mark and is a proof of natural leather. There are individual differences in the texture, but please enjoy it as a characteristic of natural leather.
・ If you are worried about drying or curing the leather, please use a nutrient with an leather cream or the like.
・ To take advantage of the characteristics of feathers, the fabric requires a certain amount of breathability. As a result, the balloon of the feathers is inevitable. If the feathers blow out from the surface of the fabric, do not force them out, but pull the feathers from the back to the inside of the product.
・ For other handling, please check the handling display on the product.

Shell: 100% NYLON
Lining: 100% NYLON

【Country of origin】
made in Japan

* If you have any questions such as size, please contact the inquiry form or store.

☎ 070-1369-8583 

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