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Anatomica Kobe SHOES BRUSH by the WAY THINGS GO

Anatomica Kobe SHOES BRUSH by the WAY THINGS GO

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Introduction of "KINKOU brush" Anatomica Kobe Exclusive Model.

"THEWAY THINGS GO", which develops a full -hand -made hand -planted brush

● "I want people who do not know shoe polish to pick it up"
This brush is packed with the skill of craftsmen and skilled craftsmen, who repeated prototypes many times and finally finished.
The lid of the brush is white lacquered. It is made of solid wood. The glossy lacquer portion reflects the light and has a sense of luxury. At the center of the brush, there is an animal logo that corresponds to the type of hair like a box.

● KINKOU brush
"The Way Things Go" led by Mr. Isami, who is active as a shohainerIn April 2018, we launched the brush brand "KINKOU". The special box contains a luxurious brush along with the instruction manual with the care procedure written.

[Brush features]
It is a full -handed hand -planted brush that was realized with the cooperation of a long -established manufacturer with over 100 years of history.
The craftsmen do not cut hair because they manage each hole, and hair removal rarely occurs. In addition, it is made of high -quality natural materials, so it is hard to wear and can be used for a long time.
Considering the practicality as a tool, the engraving is designed with a brush hair quality (horse hair, pig hair, and wool). It is a gem that is easy to use not only for professionals and advanced users, but also for shoe polishing beginners who cannot distinguish the brush.

[Goat Hair Brush]
Goat wool is characterized by its softness that is used for a cosmetic brush, and is suitable for care before or after wearing shoes. Not only does brushing fall off dust, but natural gloss comes out. In addition, if you use it for the finish of shoe polishing, the oil spreads throughout the shoes and can make the leather moisturized. Brushing can be revived by brushing even if the gloss of mirror polishing finished with wax is cloudy or scratched.

* Goal wool brushes do not need to be used separately for each color like a pork brush, but if you use the brushes used many times for dark shoes, the color may be darker and finished. there is. We recommend that you use it with dark colors and light colors.
・ Goat wool brush
・ Hair length 25mm
·made in Japan

The horses have moderate hardness and tension, and are suitable for removing the dust around the surface and the side of the shoes at the beginning of shoe polishing. Ideal for brushing suede material, it can be used for daily care for all shoes you have. It is a versatile brush that many people are always in the workplace or at home.
・ Horse brush
・ Hair length 40mm
·made in Japan

[Pig Bristle Brush]
The pigs are moderately elastic, and are suitable for applying and penetrating shoe cream uniformly. By brushing with a pork brush with a pork brush, the cream can penetrate and the gloss of the leather can be produced.

* Pork brushes must be used for each cream color. (Example) Brushing light brown shoes with a brush with a black cream will transfer colors.
・ Pork brush
・ Hair length 25mm
·made in Japan

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