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Tuscan Dress Chambray

Tuscan Dress Chambray

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・ The design base is a vintage dress in Tuscany, Italy. The big feature of this dress is that the dough with plenty of volume is tightened with shoulders, neck, cuffs and elegant gathers, making it a three -dimensional and facial design that is not in a flat dress. increase.

-The front can be opened forward, and depending on how you tighten the waist belt, it is one piece that floats in various ways.

・ Anatomica's recommendation is how to use a spacious silhouette to tighten the waist and simply use it as a dress. It is a material that changes your expression as you use it and enjoys aging.

・ It is a wonderful piece that is perfect for the coming season and uplifts.


Cotton 100 %

【Country of origin】
made in Japan


* If you have any questions such as size, please contact the inquiry form or store.
Anatomica Kobe store ☎ 078-391-4696 ✉

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