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Waves Pants Wool Serge

Waves Pants Wool Serge

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【Description of item】

・ The motif of Dungary pants of W.A.V.E.S (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service), a female division of the US Navy Reserve Army during World War II. Women's pants made with reference to practical dungry pants for men when working outdoors.

-It was made based on vintage, such as a classic metal buckle, a woven tag and a named tag with a W.A.V.E.S logo.

-The rise is deep and thick, featuring the front tack and back darts on the back that fits the body of a rounded woman.

・ Open side unique to ladies. It is a cinch back specification without a belt loop.

EUGENE JACKET WOOL SERGEAnd setup is also possible.

【Country of origin】
Japanese style


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