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Wine Glass

Wine Glass

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・ A special glass with a stamped seal made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Anatomica Tokyo. It is sold in two sets.

・ RIDEL's glass that has arrived in a grass that is close to a glass that has been served in Pierre and Anatomican's purveyor of Anatomican, a Bistro in Paris, which is sailed in the Bistro in Paris.

・ The A logo mark is casually engraved by the process of sandblasting method. If you pour wine under the logo of the A mark, you can make one -8 cups of wine bottles.

・ Because it has a standard bowl shape with a vertical and firm slimy, it can be used for a wide range of applications.

・ Because the stem is short and has a sense of stability, it is suitable for casual scenes.

・ The glass rim is thin, has a soft mouthfeel and a wide drink, so you can enjoy the scent with your nose. Therefore, it is also recommended to put a drink other than wine and enjoy it at home. Why don't you toast with a special wine glass of the 10th anniversary of the Tokyo store while thinking about the distant PARIS?

[RIEDEL / Riedel] This is a machine -made glass series developed by the 10th generation Redel family Georg Redel, inheriting the functionality of the finest handmade series . Functional and high -quality glasses were announced in 1986, giving a strong impact on wine enthusiasts and industry officials, and spread around the world with the fact that wine and glass had a close relationship.

 Crystal glass

[Making method]
Machine maid

Country of origin】

Height: 14.8㎝
Capacity: 350ml


* If you have any questions such as size, please contact the inquiry form or store.
Anatomica Kobe store ☎ 078-391-4696 ✉

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