vol.3『 U.S. ARMY PULL OVER 』

Vol.3 "U.S. Army Pull Over"

"U.S.ARMY Blue Denim Series Originity"

Brown denim was originally used in the Army.

⇓ In 1906, a state soldier using the Gatling Gun.

As you may know, this type is familiar. Lingering

This is a brown denim pullover that appeared around 1905-6 in the US Army around 1905-6.
It was used until around 1910.

At that time, the Army seemed to recommend a pullover type because of the advantages of low manufacturing costs, easy mass production, and less fragile buttons.

However, it seems that it was unpopular from the members on the site.

● Blue denim series

Blue denim uniform was adopted in 1908.

[Why blue? ]

・ Before the war, I imported German dyes, but I couldn't get it, so I started using indigo.
・ At that time, there was a large amount of denim fabric for the workwear manufacturer of the orderer.
・ The U.S. Navy used blue denim before the Army.
・ Denim was inexpensive and easy to care for.

"Tragedy of pullover"

Denim pullover, which was paid in large quantities at that time.
Many of them seemed to be cut from the plate.

⇑ The left chest pocket is removed.


Regarding CCC, it seems that the coverall of the full button was procured from the private sector.
(Civil Conservation Corps/Citizen Conservation Corps)

● Army VS member

The members begin to tear the front.

The military witnesses the returned jacket and hears the voice of the site.

Changed the specifications in 1917 and produced 3 pocket denim coats.

A few months later, it will be returned to a pullover type that is easy to produce in large quantities.

Large uniform revision in 1937.
However, there was no change in pullover and survived until 1940.

Blue pullover was paid from 1919 to 1940 (SPEC No.6-125).
The only difference from the brown made in 1918 is that the color has changed.

⇑ 3 -piece set of pullover pants and hat.

Pullover that has been making for about 20 years.
After that, a full button will appear.


You can see the product from here.


US Army 1933 Denim Pullover

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